Gillian E. Batcher

Gillian E. Batcher owns Jewel Envy, a jewellery studio in downtown Toronto where she designs and makes her line of jewellery marketed under the name PASH Jewellery Design. She has a degree in Psychology, with distinction, from The University of Western Ontario. During her undergraduate studies she participated in two exchanges, one to The University of Toronto and the other to Melbourne University, Australia. After completing these studies she went to George Brown College and completed the three-year Jewellery Arts program, graduating with distinction. In addition to these studies she took an intensive jewellery course, focusing on textile techniques in precious metals, in Florence, Italy. Upon completing her jewellery training she participated in a three-year residency in the metal studio crafts corridor at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

Her conceptual jewellery explores volume and weight while her custom work reflects a combination of her esthetic and her customers imagination. She has participated in art shows across Canada and the US and has received numerous awards for both artistic and technical achievement. In her spare time she teaches jewellery classes at her studio, George Brown College, and OCAD University.

Jewellery Images

Gillian Batcher 14K palladium white gold, sphene, tzavorite garnets, sapphires Gillian Batcher, sterling silver, garnet Gillian Batcher, stainless steel, sterling silver, pearls Gillian Batcher, sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, mokume gane, copper, sapphire, plastic Gillian Batcher, 14K yellow gold, smokey quartz, citrine, sapphire Gillian Batcher, 18K yellow gold, blue topaz, pink sapphire Gillian Batcher, 14K palladium white gold, diamond Gillian Batcher, 18K pink and white gold, mokume gane, diamond Gillian Batcher, sterling silver, copper, mokume gane