Name that Room Competition!

The Competition:

This past fall we added a new meeting space to the retail storefront and it has attracted all the right attention for all the right reasons. We have been told the one thing it's missing is a special name. This January and February we invite you to come into Jewel Envy and take a selfie in our new meeting room. Next, post that picture to any of these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. When you post the picture be sure to tag us and include your suggestion for naming the room. The collective goldsmiths at Jewel Envy will choose the winning name and the creative genius behind it will win a $150 gift certificate for jewellery in the store. We may also award a couple runner ups for surprise gift certificates but we're reserving the right to decide how many to award based on how awesome the names are!


The Fine Print Rules:

If multiple people suggest the same name and it is chosen as the winner we will either split the award into a maximum of two $100 gift certificates or draw one name if there are three or more entries with the same suggestion. Names will be tallied and scored during the month of March with the winner(s) announced in our April newsletter. We will also reach out to the winner(s) on the social media platform they tagged us on. If the winner(s) doesn't respond within 1 week we will hold draws for gift certificates to Jewel Envy and everyone that participated in the competition will be entered into the draw.

All participants in this competition allow Jewel Envy to freely use their suggestions for naming our room as well as their social media pictures they tagged Jewel Envy in, to promote the event. Anyone who writes anything negative about the store in their posts will automatically be disqualified from the competition as this is supposed to be a fun for all ages. If you change your mind about particiapting in the event after tagging Jewel Envy please remove the tagged picture and we will not use your image content but we may still use the name you have suggested if we like it.

On your mark, get set, selfie time!