Polish Festival 2016

This must attend Roncy event is back this September 17th and 18th! Once again we will hold a free workshop out front of Jewel Envy to learn to carve a wax ring (for adults) or pendant (for kids). This workshop is a great introduction to one of the jewellery making processes we use in the studio. The wax you carve is free for you to take home with you. If you love your wax model we will cast it in bronze for you for $35 plus HST or you can sign up for a 1/2 day class the following weekend and learn to finish it in sterling silver. The half day class costs $95 plus HST plus sterling silver.

This year as part of our 10 months of promotions leading up to our 10 year anniversary our September promotion will be upgrades on your carvings. If you have us cast your piece for an additional $10* plus HST we will cast it in sterling silver for you or if you sign up for the half day class the following weekend we will cast it in bronze at no additional charge! This year we are bringing you all of the casting options you have requested.

Come and join us for this fun activity which is great for the entire family!

*this means $35 plus $10 = $45 plus HST up to a maximum of 10 grams of sterling silver, each additional gram of sterling silver will be charged at our regular class rate of $3/gram plus HST.