Custom Design

Have you ever wanted a piece of jewellery that was so special it was designed and made just for you? We can take an idea, a mood, a material, or anything else you tell us and create a work of wearable art no one else will have! It can be for an occassion, in commemoration, or just because you have decided to finally treat yourself! Start now by browsing our resident goldsmiths lines of jewellery for inspiration. Each piece can be tweaked to your specifications or you can design your own unique piece through consultation and ideation with an on site goldsmiths.

Having custom work done is as simple as looking at the designers’ online portfolios or dropping in to see their work in the showroom. Through a series of consultations and sketches you will see your ideas come to life on the page and then take home the finished product! Consultations are free and you are not committed to anything until you and the artist decide on the design and price. There is no extra fee for custom work. We only start making something once a deposit is given.

Below is a custom ring by Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale Jewellery. From rendering to reality, this beautiful 18K palladium white gold ring with purple and pink sapphires perfectly illustrates the process of having something designed just for you and how we bring it to life!

Have you ever thought about having something redesigned? Do you have old and or broken jewellery just sitting at home or at the bank because it just really isn't your style anymore? The jewellers at Jewel Envy can rework your pieces to create something that reflects your personal style today. This can mean a simple tweak such as changing a chain or stone but it can also mean melting old pieces down and starting a new design from scratch. As we have complete in house facilities we are able to remove stones and melt metals and then cast them into new pieces. If for some reason we can't reuse the metal you brought in we can sell it at market value and apply the credit to your new piece.

Below is a great example of a redesign by Gillian E. Batcher of PASH Jewellery Design. The customer wanted to change the colour of gold used in her engagement ring but keep the stones for the new ring. She said she wanted a cleaner look with a streamlined setting. From this Gillian came up with this sleek and modern design using her oringal diamonds and incorporating both her and her husbands ideas into a ring they were both delighted with.

For those looking for something unique who are not able to come into the store we can do amazing things over email. A perfect example of this, is a Zombie pendant by Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale Jewellery. It started with an email for something so unusual the customer just did not know where to even start. She wanted to have something with a zombie head made for her boyfriend but wasn't exactly sure of the process or if it could be done with the oozing brains she had envisioned. Through email constultation we established the details of the piece and Alexis brought the design to life. The finished pendant was made in sterling silver and shipped to another province without the customer ever having been to the shop or Toronto during the process.

If you have an idea for something or questions about the process for custom work contact us, we would love to help you turn your ideas into sparkling reality!