Upcoming Events


Holiday Party and Customer Appreciation!


As a special thanks to you our loyal customers please enjoy 10% off all of the jewellery in the store on Friday December 13th, 2013!


LoRo Block Party


Shop The Neighborhood

Shop local! An event sponsored by Yellow Pages to encourage people to take a look at the businesses around them and make a choice to shop with them. Local businesses are comprised of your neighbors and friends. They thrive from word of mouth and focus on delivering exceptional customer service and care before, during and even after a sale.

When: Saturday November 30th 11am-7pm (Jewel Envy's regular hours, check other stores for their hours of participation).

Where: Your local GTA neighborhoods

Shop at Jewel Envy during this special day and receive 10% off all purchases of jewellery from the showroom as our thanks to you for supporting 12 local goldsmiths.



Jewellery Social!


Gemstones for Sale from 72 Gem Street During Culture Days Saturday September 28th, 2013

In addition to our jewellery making demonstrations during Culture Days we will have an added treat of unusual gemstones for sale by Ada Brick of 72 Gem Street. Ada will have her stones on display Saturday September 28th, 2013 from 1pm-5pm. This will be the perfect time to come in and fall in love with a stone. Buy it for it's naked beauty, to set in a class you take, or to use in a design by one of our goldsmiths for a unique piece that is only for you!



Free Jewellery Making Demonstrations During Culture Days September 27th-29th, 2013

Jewel Envy will once again be participating in Culture Days from Friday September 27th- Sunday September 29th. Culture Days are a national initiative to increase knowlegde and access to cultural and art across Canada through exhibitions, installations, and interactive events throughout each province. Jewel Envy will be offering free jewellery making demonstrations throughout these days so the public can step into a jewellers shop and see how things are made. In addition to our demonstrations we will have an added treat of a display of unusual gemstones by Ada Brick of 72 Gem Street. Ada will have her stones on display on Saturday September 28th from 1pm-5pm. This will be the perfect time to come in and pick a stone to either set yourself in a class or have one of our jewellers and design and make something special for you with it!


Free Wax Carving Class During the Polish Festival Saturday September 14th and 15th, 2013

Roncesvalles will be taken over by the Polish Festival on Saturday September 14th and Sunday September 15th, 2013. Jewel Envy will be offering the public a chance to try a free wax carving class during the festival! You will be able to sit down for an hour and carve a ring or pendant in wax for free. You can take your wax with you or for a small fee we will cast it in bronze and finish it for you. You can also sign up for a special 1/2 day class the next weekend and we will cast it in sterling silver and teach you how to finish it! Wax carving will be offered during the Polish Festival during our regular business hours of Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. We will have a sign up form on the spot to book time slots if we are busy when you come by.


Class Amnesty Day!

Sunday July 21, 2013

For anyone that has taken a class at Jewel Envy and has just a little more work to do to reach perfection this day is for you! The annual class amnesty day is a free day where you can sign up for a 1-3 hour period of bench time to finish or re-finish a project you started. An instructor will be on hand to help you. This is perfect if you missed a class during your session, had to leave early, or were just so ambitious in project design there were not enough hours in the class to complete your work of art. This is not a day to start new projects but to finish old ones you worked on at Jewel Envy during one of our classes.


New Life

Come and see how fifteen past and present members of Jewel Envy interpreted the theme New Life in works of small sculpture and jewellery! New Life is an official exhibition for the SNAG Meta-Mosaic 2013 conference as well as the Toronto International Jewellery Festival.

Participating Goldsmiths:
Gillian E. Batcher, Sarah De Gasperis, Theresa Duong, Lianne Friesen, Emily Gill, Lauren Hanham, Amanda Henderson, Iona Kanellopoulos, Alexis Kostuk, Renata Lynch, Sasha Oda, Fatima Tataragic, Amber Thomas-Penchoff, Chia-Chien Tsai, Christine Woollacott