Canadiana by Ivane Thiebaut Jewellery Design

As a recent newcomer to Canada, Ivane fully embraces her new home landscapes, icons and culture, drawing upon them for inspiration in her designs and jewellery. Her pieces are both timeless and fashionable and perfect to commemorate Canada's 150th anniversary.

Each piece in the collection acts as a glimpse into her relationship to her surroundings and in a manner easily relatable to all who have visited this beautiful country or are lucky enough to call it home. It doesn't matter that each of us has the technology to communicate with anyone instantly in the palm if our hands, postcards still have charm and receiving them is always a welcome surprise. Ivane's double sided bracelet lets you send this nostalgic piece of "snail mail" in a new and thoughtful way. While her postcards may be a way to reach out to loved ones, her antler necklaces are a personal reminder to the wearer to be conscious of their own strength. Antlers shed every year and in that sense they represent rebirth and renewal; qualities that are essential when moving forward in life. Finally the canoe cufflinks are a reminder that the calm and peace one experiences by the water, hopefully at a cottage, are a state of mind we should all try to cultivate a little in our daily lives. Wearing this reminder during a hectic city lifestyle can provide the opportunity to gentle dream of the quiet that awaits for early morning canoe rides and allow one to focus on the tasks at hand until they are able to partake in the great Canadian pastime of weekend cottaging.


1. Toronto Poscard (one side has the skyline and other side is of a traditional postcard): Sterling silver,  2.1cm X 1.5cm, on adjustable cord

$50 plus HST


2. Antler Necklace: Sterling silver - 5.5 cm long and 3 cm high on an 18" chain

$155 plus HST


3) Canoe Cufflinks: Sterling silver - 2cm X 1.5cm

$145 plus HST